Allow OAuth apps to utilize Web SDK

The problem
I really would like to have a full integration with Zoom in my app and be able to start meetings from different accounts, through Web SDK, from inside of my app. But I can’t really do that because currently, the only way to generate a Web SDK signature (which allows the user to join the meeting/webinar) is through a JWT app.

Solution suggestion
I’d like to be able to use the OAuth api key and api secret to generate the Zoom Web SDK signature.

Additional context
This feature request is widely mentioned in this forum, you just need to search for “web sdk oauth” and you’ll find different topics and comments with people requesting that.
Although its clear that the dev community have this needing, no one still haven’t posted a topic with the feature request yet. I saw a suggestion from “@will.zoom” to post it under the #feature-requests tag, so here it is.