Embedding zoom web sdk using oauth based app


I’d like to embed zoom meeting to browser and i can successfully do that following the tutorial but our zoom has concern granting us the JWT token and oauth app based api is preferred, do you know if there’s a way to generate signature using the oauth access token? from the doc example only JWT is supportted.


Hey @rick.li,

Currently a JWT App is the only way to generate a Web SDK signature.

Feel free to submit your request here: #feature-requests


Hey @tommy,

I have an application which has android version and web version as well.

In android app i have used following key & secret :

and it facilitate users to create and start meetings by filling their zoom login credentials.
And in web version i am using following key & secret for web sdk :

I have used zoom pro account to create the above SDK & JWT apps.

Now here is the scenario for which i want your clarifications :

  1. A user gets login into android app and creating a zoom meeting by using his zoom email and password.

  2. My question is that can this user, start this meeting from web sdk which he has created from android app ? As far as i have tried, it says Signature is invalid. this is because jwt key & secret used in web sdk is from different account. Can you suggest any solution for this issue ?

  3. Is this possible to use web sdk by using oauth instead of passing jwt key & secret ?

  4. As both SDK & JWT app credentials are from same pro account so still i won’t be able to start meetings created from android sdk through web sdk on web version of application ?

Your reply would be appreciated.

Hey @dharminder,

We are working on making the Web SDK function like the Client SDKs, where you can use OAuth to get a user token and start meetings on their behalf using the SDKs. (CS-2206)

Currently the Web SDK an only start meetings owned by the same account as the JWT App.