Using Meeting SDK with OAuth


We have published an OAuth application on Zoom Marketplace which was being used to create meetings on a user’s behalf. Other users were joining these meetings using the web SDK which used JWT credentials to create the signature to join.

However, since the last update to SDK version 2.9.7 and subsequent shift to SDK credentials to generate the signatures, our users are unable to join the meetings created using our OAuth application. A bit more research suggests that we are supposed to publish the SDK app too for users outside our Zoom account to be able to use the Zoom Meeting SDK embedded in our application.

Is that understanding correct or can we use the OAuth credentials (Client ID and Secret) to generate the SDK signatures?

Any help will be most appreciated.


@moogway ,

In 2.9.7 websdk, you will need to use the ClientID and Client Secret from Meeting SDK App Type to generate the signature.

If you want your websdk to join meeting which are created by external account, you will need to publish the Meeting SDK App Type