Allow pre-assigning of co-hosts to a scheduled meeting

When we manage a large meeting where we have more than 500+ participants it is really troubling to assign co-host.

Do you guys have any API to pre-assign the co-hosts?

Or could provide option to upload list of emails for co-hosts, just like you have it for Breakout Rooms.

This will really help us when we conduct large meetings.

Thank you.


@tommy Is this public now?
This feature will really help lot of people who are having meetings in large scale.


Yes! Thank you!


Second this. We would love this or a similar feature as well. Preferably both of the following:

  1. Given a meeting, allow a set of users to be assigned as Co-Host of the meeting as soon as they join. These users should be specified by email or Zoom username, not necessarily limited to users within the same account as the creator of the meeting, and of any user type, e.g. Free, Pro, etc. (Note that when using real-time controls within the meeting, a Host can make any other participant present in the meeting a Co-Host, regardless of account, user type, etc.)

  2. A real-time API to set a given participant as Co-Host, just like using the in-meeting real-time controls from the UI. Ideally, this API would also allow all of the other features that the Host has in the UI to control other participants, such as Mute/Unmute, Start/Stop Video, Make Host/Co-Host, etc.

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This would be great for teachers as well. We have admins, aides, or other people joining throughout the day and if they could have cohosting abilities as they join, they could join breakout rooms or conduct other business without interfering with the flow of the lesson.

This would also require that they could be assigned to a breakout room when they join, if breakout rooms are already open.

We pre-assign people to breakout rooms, but if they join late, they don’t get assigned and have to be assigned manually by the host. It would be great if they could be assigned based on the spreadsheet we uploaded AND also get their co-host designation. That would allow them to move to any breakout room with a lot less effort on the host’s part.


Third that! :slight_smile:
These 2 will help us alot!

@tommy It’s almost 2 weeks and no one from the zoom team replied to this, do you know how often it takes to get the response?

I really think this feature is not just good to have, rather it’s a must-have feature when we manage larger and recurring meetings.

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Adding my voice! This is a must-have feature.

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I agree with you. Registered people can join in my meeting. Missing this little option more

This is extremely useful in a live event broadcast stream scenario where we have a group of team members that we have selected prior to meeting/webinar starts, to be a co-host. Upon joining the meeting, they will be assigned to be co-host automatically.

It can cut down on 1 step of work.

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