Allow pre-assigning of co-hosts to a scheduled meeting

A bit late, but I really hope they add these features.

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Bumping this. I’ve assigned the same 8 co-hosts at EVERY MEETING. EVERY WEEK. EVERY MONTH. For OVER A YEAR. Please add this function or at least give us a good reason that it can’t be specified.


Would love the ability to assign a privilege for people to be co-hosts exactly like you have a scheduling privilege. We have a TON of team meetings that could really benefit from just having a list of co-hosts. Users could set this privilege for people to co-host their meetings, if the person who was given this privilege was in a meeting they would automatically be assigned co-host

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Yes please! I came here looking for exactly this function. I do not know if it helps but I put in my vote.
It will help a lot to be able to assign co-hosts just as soon as you schedul a meeting!

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Hope to bump up this request. It will be good if co-hosts can be assigned upon creation of a meeting, not just during the meeting. And for recurring meetings, it would be GREAT if co-host assignments can be edited along the way, add/delete co-hosts, perhaps with predictive ability.

Any updates on this? I came looking for this option as well

We have the opposite problem whereby one user in the organisation keeps having someone auto-assigned as co-host in their meetings when they do NOT want this? Any help!

Any updates on this? I came here looking for exactly this function. I put in my vote to add this feature urgently.
It will help a lot to be able to assign co-hosts just like we pre-assign users to the breakout rooms. It is becoming a hassle now to assign cohosts every hour in a large meeting. Please please take this as a high priority needs for zoom users.


Still no feature? We really need to have that!

I would love this feature. I host a meeting and already have the same co-host. Sometimes joins before me. would like to have a whitelist to allow him in the meeting.

Any update here? Apparently Teams can auto assign co-hosts within the scheduling org automatically.