Allow to Talk in Web SDK

I use Web SDK for joining a webinar. But host can’t give “Allow to Talk” to users connected with Web SDK.

The error message is “Allow to talk is not available because {user} is using an older version of Zoom”.
The SDK version is 1.7.2.

Are there any workarounds here?

Hey @itinyakov, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Currently the Web SDK does not support the webinar allow to talk feature.

We are working to make this possible, stay updated here:


Do you know roughly how soon we can expect this? We’re trying to run a webinar with a custom website with Zoom integration, but my boss really wants this feature. Our webinar is on May 4th, so we have some time to wait, but not a whole lot.

Hi @abraham.hosch,

We’re looking to tentatively looking to release this feature in late April -


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Hi, same problem for us. In fact, we are loosing some clients because of this limitation (we are waiting for it from March, Web SDK v.1.7.5 …), they prefer to use other options instead of Zoom.

Even knowing that it is not allowed on last version (v1.7.10), we do not understand when we find the following:

Changelog web SDK V.1.7.9 - Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue when an webinar attendee cannot join audio using Safari browser.

If webinar attendee cannot be allowed to talk, why can they join audio?

Web SDK specifications:

  • Joining computer audio on Firefox and Safari is only available for webinar attendees.

Same that previous point: If webinar attendee cannot be allowed to talk, which is the meaning of this option?

Hi @GEC,

When joining webinars it requires one way audio, which is why the attendee can join & only listen.

For meetings, it requires two way audio, where the attendee can hear and speak. However, this is currently not supported at this time. We are working on a way to support this in a future release.


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@michael_p.zoom - was this ever released? I’m looking at upcoming changes and old webSDK releases and Allow to Talk on webSDK has disappeared from any changelog documentation.

Hey @spencer.lee,

That page is current. We have delayed the Web SDK Allow to Talk feature.


Hey @tommy, Is there any ETA on when we can can see this feature in the product road-map?

Hi @Ric,

Allow to Talk feature will be included in our upcoming v1.8.0 release on August 24th.