Allow to Talk in Web SDK

I use Web SDK for joining a webinar. But host can’t give “Allow to Talk” to users connected with Web SDK.

The error message is “Allow to talk is not available because {user} is using an older version of Zoom”.
The SDK version is 1.7.2.

Are there any workarounds here?

Hey @itinyakov, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Currently the Web SDK does not support the webinar allow to talk feature.

We are working to make this possible, stay updated here:


Do you know roughly how soon we can expect this? We’re trying to run a webinar with a custom website with Zoom integration, but my boss really wants this feature. Our webinar is on May 4th, so we have some time to wait, but not a whole lot.

Hi @abraham.hosch,

We’re looking to tentatively looking to release this feature in late April -


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