Allow trainer to arrange participant videos alphabetically by their name

In the pandemic times, the world has shifted to all kinds of teachings and trainings online, mostly using zoom. One feature that will be extremely useful to teachers would be:

To be able to arrange the videos of the students in a grid alphabetically by name using a single click of a menu button or a hotkey.

When the class size is large ( >20), if there is a fixed place at which a student’s video appears every day, it becomes easier for the teacher to track the student, his/her response in class, progress etc. Also it becomes very easy to find out who is absent in the class.

Normally, in institutes of higher education, especially B-schools, seats are fixed with a nameplate in front of the seat, making it easier for the teacher to locate who sits where everyday. This helps in grading students for class participation.

By providing the feature for allowing videos to be arranged alphabatically with the click of a single hotkey or menu-button, the usability of Zoom for education will increase tremendously.

Second feature request is shortkey for Yes/No. As a teacher if I need a quick response to a question, and students use the shortkeys , they can respond faster and this saves class-time.