Sort gallery view video feeds in the same order for all users

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The order of the video feeds in Gallery view varies from user to user, which means that we can’t use their order to play an improv game—say, where we construct a story one word at a time. I imagine there are a great number of other use cases for having the order of the video feeds be the same for all users.

Describe the solution you’d like

It would be better for all users to see the same Gallery view—i.e., all video feeds in the same order. This could be a per-meeting setting, or simply just be the way it works for all meetings. (I’m not sure what is useful about the way it currently functions.)

Once all of the users are in the same order, it might also be good for the host to be able to sort the video feeds and/or drag the video feeds to change their order.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

I have not considered any alternatives, although we have been able to work around this by putting an order of users in chat.

Additional context

Probably none is needed?


Hi @shadowfax37 - agreed, this would be helpful in a lot of cases. We’ve added this to our Feature Requests and are working on getting it into our roadmap.


If there could be some way to assign a number to each position in the grid so that participants could attach their feed to that position by putting the number before their name. Such that lowest number is top left and highest number is bottom right. This would be helpful for theater productions in which remote actors need specific places on a virtual stage.


I agree, @eringirl99! Probably the easiest way to implement this is to require the owner of the meeting to append numbers before each name (e.g., change “Erin” to “1Erin” and then implement a sort button that sorted each person into their proper quadrant. But an ability to drag the people around would be even better.

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As a programmer developing games around Zoom, this is something I would love to see implemented as soon as possible.
Thank you Zoom Team!


I’d like to bump this subject line. Zoom having the ability to sort participants in Grid View all relative to each other would be amazing!

It would also open up many pathways for Zoom to be something other than just a conferencing platform. For example. Plugins/Mini-games would be a great asset for Zoom calls.

Thank you for your considerations Zoom Team! @michael.harrington

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The easiest solution, I think, would be to have the option to sort the video feeds alphabetically. Then as @eringirl99 said - just rename everyone in the order that you want

As a dance teacher, this would be very, very helpful. Now that my professional troupe is not able to perform in person, if I could order the dancers the way I want them in gallery view and have the view be the same for all participants, I would be able to choreograph dance and present performances via Zoom. Is there a way to find out the status of this request by others? Thank you!


@michael.harrington Hi Michael! Any chance we could get an update on this request? It seems to be developing something of a following… :slight_smile:

If a full integration of this from the meeting, “object” or data structure, is not a feasible for a fast release option, just being able to order the gallery from the user/client-end would be SO HELPFUL. I am currently using streaming applications (OBS for a current project) and managing streaming for a couple companies and the ability to lock people in the gallery-view grid would be beyond helpful for streaming and integrated live video usages.

This would be a great feature for us as well as we run a daily meeting and go through the same order of people every day and want to make sure we get to everyone - hard to do when we are all out of order.

Bump. This would be great for games, but also help in our work’s standups. Then we could easily go in an order.

Agreed! I am an acting teacher, and it would be PROFOUNDLY helpful to what we teach to be able to have all the boxes appear in the same order for everyone. If this feature was added, I would be able to do about 50% more of my class exercises than what I can currently do on Zoom. Please help!


This would be helpful for our teams standups.

Bump! This feature would help in dozens of ways!

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Besides helping out in sprint meetings where we run through team members in a specific order (which can be helpful), a fun element of this is to create a video-wall background image or video that can be pre-split (each user gets a image/video with a specific portion of the media) between all users to create one unified large image in gallery view.

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Bump - we have exactly the same requirement - in a scrum, the lead sees people in a different order to the people themselves, so people experience stress, not knowing when they will be called on. If everyone sees the same order, they will know when they are up, and it will reduce their stress.

I would welcome the ability to sort participants on the screen and to have that be consistent. Very helpful for online teaching.

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I’d like to facilitate Restorative Justice circles via zoom. In person, this means sitting in a circle, passing a “talking piece” around to indicate whose turn it is to talk. For this sort of turn-taking it would be SO helpful to be able to put zoom participants in a particular order and have them appear in the same order for all participants.

Even better would be to have the flexibilty to put participants in different formations to mimic somewhat how they would be in a room. For example: a circle discussion, or a panel of speakers at the top with audience grouped below, or pairs of students debating at the top with others watching…


What I did to try to force all participants into the same position in the gallery view is to share my screen of that view. I thought of it as a workaround so that everyone will essentially see the same view as I do. But it didn’t work… I wasn’t able to share my zoom screen.

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