Allow users to pin/save recurring meeting links in desktop client OR add existing recurring meeting to Chat Channel

How is this not a feature yet? Can someone from zoom chime in on this?

@zoom @zoomdev Not sure if these tags do anything, but worth a try :slight_smile:

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YES. This is a NEED.

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This would be such a help. I’ve searched and searched for a way to do this. It’s a no brainer feature to add.

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Yes, please! I really can’t believe this isn’t a feature already!!!

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I constantly have to go back to Blackboard and dig through announcements. I ought to be able to just save meeting addresses to the desktop client.

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Same here. I searched online a whole day to find how to save save all my meeting history.
They don’t have this feature.
What a pity!

Hi. I definitely haven’t seen a way to do it in Zoom, but apparently people are coming up with other ways. I put the Zoom link in my calendar for scheduled meetings, so the main problem for me is unscheduled meetings, which doesn’t happen too often. I’ve thought about using a bookmarks folder on my browser, which I know friends are doing, but haven’t needed it yet. A students just told me about this Chrome extension designed specifically for college students. I haven’t tried it yet, but maybe it will help!

I’ve been looking for a solution and I guess there isn’t one…yet. Such a basic idea I’m very surprised this has not been acted upon.

I have a daily weekday call at the exact same time hosted by our team leader. We all connect to his meeting. There should be an easy way to just save it into the client. Let’s get it done Zoom!

Created an account here just to agree to this.

We need a “bookmarked”/“favorited” list of Zoom links directly available to us on the desktop/mobile app. Many meetings are hosted regularly (daily or weekly) and use the same meeting link.

I am currently going to 3 weekly groups that meet like this. Got sick of digging up the original/old email with the link so googled if there was a built-in solution. Since there isn’t, I’m going to need to make a folder with shortcuts or add links to the bookmark bar as a workaround to make things more quick and efficient. Many users are not familiar with doing such things so will continue having to dig up that old e-mail every time.

This feature would help a ton with efficiency and ease of use. Thank you!

Maybe a “Meeting ID Notebook” or even a “History” section?

Yes, please this seems like a no brainer feature!

I second this feature request. It’ll be really useful.

One thing I’ve noticed is that, under “Contacts → All Contacts → Zoom Rooms” tab (the name might be inaccurate since I’m not using the English version), I can see some rooms created under my organization. Does some folk know how to create such rooms that are somehow pinned (at least within the organization)? Thanks!

Don’t buy stock in Zoom, people. If they can’t provide even this basic feature–a “no brainer” as someone above notes–then someone else is going to come out with a better product that actually has what people need and people will switch to it.

Thanks for sharing this really appreciated for more information again thanks for sharing such a grat ideas

This would be really important, and intuitive. Just allow users to bookmark meetings (no matter whether they are recurring or not) so they appear in a separate “Bookmark” tab, similar to the “Upcoming” meetings created yourself.

Blimey! There’s me thinking I was just being dumb and not being able to find the bookmark feature! How can this possibly not be a feature already?!

zoom need to add an option to save the meeting link for recurring zoom meeting joined by me hosted by other. on there schedule meeting option they can add this feature. I have to join regular zoom meeting where i learn coding. i have to find the link every time. which is a great problem for me.

Yeah, I’ve been struggling to look for a way to pin / bookmark / save meetings that I use in a regular basic. Naturally, I assumed this is a must-have feature that should have been available for all user. @zoom.developer any response?

Seconding this effort. I desperately want this feature.