Always getting portrait video with black space on right and left on desktop chrome from Android chrome

Video SDK Type and Version
Web 1.5.1

I am using Web video sdk to communicate participants between Android chrome and desktop chrome. I am facing a issue that the video that I received from android chrome user at desktop chrome is always comming in portrait shape with black bars on right and left. I have also tried passing captureWidth and captureHeight on startVideo at android chrome but it is not following it. I have also verified this issue with react demo app and also shared the screenshoot of it

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
1. just connect two users between android chrome and desktop chrome

Hey @arfa.ahmed

Thanks for your feedback.

It’s a limitation of Video SDK Web on the mobile platform. We are working on the feature of removing the black bars. Please stay tuned.


Thanks for your response, but this issue is only producing from Android chrome and Edge, working fine with Android Firefox, iOS Safari and chrome

now resolved in version 1.5.5, thanks