Always return nil


if let auth = MobileRTC.shared().getAuthService(){
auth.delegate = self
auth.clientKey = kRTCSDKAppKey
auth.clientSecret = kRTCSDKAppSecret

Hi shankar1,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Are you saying that you are getting nil from let auth = MobileRTC.shared().getAuthService()? Were you successfully initialized the SDK before getting the AuthService? You may refer to the implementation here:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks Carson,
Now it’s working.

Glad to hear that it is working now. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile:

Hi Carson,
Can create meeting or schedule meeting with the user id that is the users is logged-in thought app. if it is possible or not, please guide how can i achieve this.

Hi @shankar1,

To create meeting, you may start an instant meeting. And to schedule a meeting, you may use the interfaces in MobileRTCPremeetingServices( to schedule a meeting.

You may refer to the implementation in our demo app:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks Carson for your response,

Actually my need is that we have a list of users in our app and one of them can schedule or start meeting, so how can i manage this scenario.
We have to register all the members/ users with the zoom?
How can we manage this?

Hi @shankar1,

You can schedule a meeting using the SDK interfaces I mentioned above or using Zoom API to schedule a meeting(, once a meeting has scheduled, participants can join using SDK without registration or login. So as long as you are able to schedule a meeting, the user registration is not required.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

let dateFormatter = DateFormatter()

dateFormatter.dateFormat = “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm a”

guard let date = mTimeTextField.text ?? “”) else { return }

meetingService = MobileRTC.shared().getPreMeetingService()

if let service = meetingService{

if let meetingItem = service.createMeetingItem(){


meetingItem.setMeetingTopic(mTopicTextField.text ?? “”)



if let duration = mDurationTextField.text, duration.count > 0{

meetingItem.setDurationInMinutes(UInt(duration) ?? 0)


meetingItem.setMeetingPassword(mPasswordTextField.text ?? “”)

meetingService?.scheduleMeeting(meetingItem, withScheduleFor: “”)




I am not getting the meetingItem.

Hi @shankar1,

Thanks for the code snippet. Could you elaborate on “not getting the meetingItem”? Are you getting any error? You could refer to the implementation here:


Hi Carson,
I am getting the nil while creating the object of the meeting item.