Sdk authorized but getMeetingService return nil

Zoom Meeting SDK is authorized but getMeetingService return nil
why return nil even though isAuthorized return true??

Which macOS Meeting SDK version?


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Apple MacBook Pro (2020, Intel)
  • OS: macOS Monterey 12.0.1

Hi @beah_s1, thanks for using the dev forum.

When you receive the onZoomSDKAuthReturn callback, you need to check the value of the ZoomSDKAuthError param. If it is ZoomSDKAuthError_Success, then the the SDK has successfully authorized with your developer credentials. Let me know which value you are seeing and we can look into this further.

I also noticed that you are passing in empty strings to the sdkAuth method. Were these just removed for the screenshot, or are you running the code as it is pictured? Those params would need to be set to your developer credentials obtained through the Marketplace.



When I receive the onZoomSDKAuthReturn callback, returnValue is 0 and it is true equal to ZoomSDKAuthError_Success.
and I was remove credentials in sdkAuth for take a screenshot.
in running, credential includes in my code.

Hi @beah_s1 ,

Thanks for confirming that you have successfully authorized the SDK before calling this. Another possible cause of this returning nil is if the SDK was not correctly added to your project. Can you please confirm how exactly the SDK files were added to your project, including any relevant build phases information?


Thanks @jon.lieblich

I added frameworks in Copy files excepting app files

and some files also added to Link Binary With Files

file hierarchy is this

and I’ve just uploaded project files excepting credentials to Google Drive.

Hi @beah_s1,

Thanks for including those screenshots and your project as a whole. It does seem that some of the files from the SDK package were not properly added to the project. Can you please ensure that the .app files are being added correctly in addition to what you’ve already included? They’re present in the ZoomSDK directory, but aren’t showing up in XCode.


I was added .app files, but build error has occurred.
I understand .app files include in ZoomSDK is signed by Zoom.Inc.
How I change signing settings?

Hi @beah_s1,

In order to resolve this error, you would need to sign all of the .app files being included with the same certificate you are using to sign your application as a whole. For more specific information on how to manage code signing in your application, Apple’s documentation would be a good place to start. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did successful for add .app files. used codesign tool and sign .app files by my certificate.
but getMeetingService() still return nil
Have you idea for fix this?

Hi @beah_s1,

Can you please provide the SDK logs so that we can investigate further? It will be an encrypted file available in ~/Library/Logs/${PACKAGE_NAME}. Please ensure that you have set ZoomSDKInitParams.enableLog to true when initializing the SDK.

Once you have the logs, you can send them over by opening a ticket on our developer support site.


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