Android 12 Meeting SDK Support

Is there any timeline for adding Android 12 support to the Meeting SDK? It causes an immediate crash when trying to use it and is causing a lot of blowback from our customers.

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Same here. Waiting urgent update on meeting SDK.

Hi @mattj and @hardc0der,

We can’t provide a precise timeline just yet, but the best place to keep up-to-date with release information is our changelog. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @jon.lieblich ,

Thank you for your response. Would you please give more details about your estimation of this release or about your progress and the priority of this issue on your roadmap? Do you suggest any workarounds?

This issue is being around since August.21. Please check Android 12 support issues v5.7.1267

We have been waiting for an update since then. Android 12 phones are in the market now. We fail to support such users. We need to deal with complaints from customers using such phones each day. Unfortunately this starts to turn to service outage for our business over here.

Agree with @hardc0der. Even an estimated timeline would be really helpful. Thanks in advance, @jon.lieblich!

Good luck on getting any update… I warned them about this long time ago… Would say I was the canary in the coal mind… but… no one ever listens to the warnings…foresight is missing in the dev world/product-owner/engineering manager world.

Its pretty sad that a multi-billion dollar company with a whole dev team cant prepare for a release that was a year away. Any good dev team should actively be working against beta to prevent breaking changes.

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Sad indeed. My lead developer (@nitinkhanna1) pointed out the changes needed (4 or 5 lines of code) a few months back but, unfortunately, there’s been no take-up so far.

@jon.lieblich Any updates you can provide? Even a rough timeline would be helpful.


Hi @mattj, @hardc0der, and @ozan,

We absolutely hear you and understand the frustration around the lack of a timeline on Android 12 support, and the unsatisfactory delay in adding support for it overall. I still do not have a concrete update on the timeline for this, but we are definitely getting closer. Once we are moderately confident in the tentative release timing for Android 12 support, I will be sure to keep you all updated in this thread.


Right, @jon.lieblich but this thread will likely close and be locked until another thread on this opens so I doubt we will be updated here.

Also, we have got an increasing amount of users who have this issue and the app crashes in front of them that have updated to Android 12, the webinar to be exact in my situation.

@mattj stated that there is around 4-5 lines of code needed which shouldn’t be that difficult or take 6 months to implement.

Waiting for 6 months on this would only increase the frustration of SDK users and possibly every user of Zoom on Android 12. This OS was released on October (I don’t understand why Zoom didn’t anticipate or test this using the Android beta) so users are now quickly updating to it and complaining.

I still do not have a concrete update on the timeline for this, but we are definitely getting closer.

How close @jon.lieblich as a rough estimate because we have a ton of users asking us that our product doesn’t work because of this?