Android app which contain debaters and viewers

I have a mobile application requirement of Debating application where some people are participants in debate while some can join that debate but only view debate.

I simple word debaters and viewers. A viewer will see that debate similar like news channels. One focused debater will be in full screen and when a viewer tap on other debater it will became on full screen mode.

Is this achievable with zoom api or zoom android sdk.


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Hi vindhya.singh07,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. You can achieve this like the following:

  1. The host starts the meeting
  2. The host sets to mute everyone on entry:
  3. Participants join the meeting, in the JoinMeetingOption, set “no_audio” and “no_video” to be true:; So the default status is the participant has no audio and no video
  4. Unmute only the debater’s video and audio using and

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,

Thanks for you help!!!

I have few more query like

  • Is there a way to live stream/broadcast a meeting so that viewer can see that meeting at any point of time when meeting was going on, even he don’t participated on that meeting.

Or this can be achieved by the way explained by you above.


Also, I don’t want viewer will will appear on screen so if i muted video audio is this make it.

Also how many member can participate in that meeting?


Hi vindhya.singh07,

Thanks for the reply. We do have live streaming feature and you may find it here:, we support Facebook, YouTube Live, etc. You can also refer to this article:

If you would like to let the viewer see a meeting later, maybe you can consider using clouding recording:

If everyone’s video is muted by default, no one will show up. Only the person who turn the video on will show up in the screen.

Regarding the number of participants, it depends on your plans:, if the default number is not enough, you can always add more capacity. You may contact our sales regarding the plan details:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,

I have one more query, is this SDK is useful for video conferencing from

  • STB(Set top box/hybrid set top box) to STB
  • STB to Mobile
  • Mobile to STB
  • Mobile to Mobile

As I also have a requirement for an application in which I have to create an application which enable video conferencing through these devices and also support Standard UVC (UVC 1.1, UVC1.5) to be supported or USB Video camera.

Please provide any reference to do this


Hi vindhya.singh07,

Thanks for the reply. We do not have any precedents on deploying our SDK onto STB devices and as stated in our doc:, TV box is not supported. We are also having a known issue for using UVC camera with our SDK and we are working on it.

SDK is working from mobile to mobile without any issues.

Hope this helps. Thanks!