Android Meeting SDK cannot shrink resources after Gradle 7.2.2 due to malformed XML

We are unable to build release applications with the Meeting SDK on Android using Gradle 7.3 or later due to Zoom XML files being malformed (comments between tag and body)

Please release a new build, with minimum SDK 21, with properly formatted XML files.

Here is the issue tracker for android: Google Issue Tracker

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Hi @JaredB , I’ve reached out to some teammates who can provide more insight. Thanks for sharing and your patience.

@JaredB ,

I received this guidance from a fellow teammate:

Here’s another developer who faced this issue and it may be an external bug from google since the project works with grable version 8.0 beta. Apps build failed after upgrading AGP to 7.3.1 - #8 by wildhan
Adding “android.enableNewResourceShrinker=false” in might solve this issue.

Please let me know if this is helpful.

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