Android meeting SDK JWT Token generation - issue


We have created android app with help of Meeting sdk, App key and Secrete key we used for authorization . Version 5.14 does support only JWT.
As per new change Zoom disabled the ability to create new JWT apps on June 1, 2023. The projected end-of-life for JWT apps is **September 1, 2023 .

I have gone through [Meeting SDK Auth](https://Meeting Sdk Auth) . And created the JWT token in .
I am not able authorize every time am getting error code 5 - unknown.

Please do help me to create JWT token.

sneha v

@snehavashok ,

To generate a JWT token on Android you will need.

  1. Meeting SDK App
  2. Client ID and Client Key from the Meeting SDK App in step 1
  3. Sign a JWT token with your Client ID and Client Key.
  4. The payload in the JWT Token will need appKey, iat, exp, exp

Do you have a sample of your JWT token?

Hi @chunsiong.zoom

This is the JWT token created in with mentioned info above.


sneha v

@snehavashok , is your appKey on your JWT token, the same as your clientID on the meeting sdk credentials page?

Did you find any way to generate JWT token for Zoom sdks in Android Applications?