Android meeting SDK JWT Token generation - issue


We have created android app with help of Meeting sdk, App key and Secrete key we used for authorization . Version 5.14 does support only JWT.
As per new change Zoom disabled the ability to create new JWT apps on June 1, 2023. The projected end-of-life for JWT apps is **September 1, 2023 .

I have gone through [Meeting SDK Auth](https://Meeting Sdk Auth) . And created the JWT token in .
I am not able authorize every time am getting error code 5 - unknown.

Please do help me to create JWT token.

sneha v

@snehavashok ,

To generate a JWT token on Android you will need.

  1. Meeting SDK App
  2. Client ID and Client Key from the Meeting SDK App in step 1
  3. Sign a JWT token with your Client ID and Client Key.
  4. The payload in the JWT Token will need appKey, iat, exp, exp

Do you have a sample of your JWT token?

Hi @chunsiong.zoom

This is the JWT token created in with mentioned info above.


sneha v

@snehavashok , is your appKey on your JWT token, the same as your clientID on the meeting sdk credentials page?