Unable to join meeting or start meeting in zoom in android version 13 with latest zoom sdk please help me

unable to start or join a meeting in zoom android version 13. used old and new both skd will you please provide a demo for that.
if i use sdk older version then app crash.
if i use new sdk version then sdk does not initialise and unable to process further.

@teachmesetup ,

are you using the latest SDK downloaded from marketplace.zoom.us?

Is there any specific error which you are having?

yes i am using latest sdk. and in that i am getting wrong credentials error onZoomSDKInitializeResult: 1 .
while i am using jwt token instead of appKey and appSecret.

@teachmesetup , can you elaborate what you meant by “you are using JWT token” instead of “appkey and appsecret”?

For Meeting SDK, you will need to sign your own JWT Token using ClientID and ClientSecret. These ClientID and ClientSecret are found in Meeting SDK App Type.

Any other forms of authentication will not work for Meeting SDK.

how i can sign JWT Token using ClientID and ClientSecret. These ClientID and ClientSecret are found in Meeting SDK App Type.

@teachmesetup ,

Seems like you are on the right track.
Do you have a sample of your JWT token?
I would need that to troubleshoot.

this is sample of jwt token is this correct?

This is a malformed JWT token

In the body these are the key value pairs

we need these key value pairs instead

mn and role is optional for Android

how can i create jwt token for my app i have create new sdk also but there was no option for jwt token.

@teachmesetup , you have to write the function to create it.

could you please provide that function.

@teachmesetup ,

I do not have that, as it is not recommended to generate your JWT token in the client side. This typically means you would have to store your ID and Key on the client side.

I’m using a server side hosted solution GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-auth-endpoint-sample: Generate a Meeting SDK JWT to join Zoom meetings and webinars with the Meeting SDK.

The android application will make a HTTP GET request to get the JWT token

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