Android SDK: is targetSdkVersion 30 required on the app when upgrade to latest Zoom SDK?


Hi, I would like to upgrade to the latest android Zoom SDK, 04/01/21 v5.5.1.1317. In the release note, it says that " The requirement of compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion has upgraded from 29 to 30.". However, my app’s targetSdkVersion / compileSdkVersion is still 29. So is it okay if I upgrade the Zoom SDK, and keep the targetSdkVersion / compileSdkVersion of my app unchanged (still 29)?

Thank you!

Which Android Client SDK version?
04/01/21 v5.5.1.1317

Hi @gerger, thanks for the post.

Since the minSdkVersion is 21 and the targetSdkVersion is 30, the SDK can run on anything >= 21 || <= 30. API 29 is within that range, so it should not be an issue.


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