Android redirect uri registration

I want to integrate the meeting SDK into an existing calendar application, giving my users the ability to create a zoom meeting from inside the application.

If i understand the documentation correctly, i have to use oauth2 to do that, and to register an oauth2 application i need a redirect uri.
On Android, i have used custom redirect uri schemes for a different oauth2 integration, for example with the scheme “msauth” for Microsoft msal, see Handling Android App Links  |  Android Developers

However, if i try to register the application on the Zoom marketplace, the form only allows https links, if i enter a custom redirect uri like e.g. “zoom://myapp/auth”

How do i register a custom redirect uri with the Zoom marketplace?

solved this issue by creating a new account, as i was not able to change the “intend to publish” tag, can be closed

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