Android Zoom SDK 5.7.1 crash

Update to Zoom SDK 5.7.1 from 4.6.x, it has conflict on file with other library, so I copy the file and put it in project lib folder as well as adding pickFirst 'lib/**/' to make sure the right library is picked.

It works well in Debug build, but it isn’t when doing release build. The reason is that I use

            minifyEnabled true
            shrinkResources true

If I set it both false, then working fine.

Which seems to load the so file from NDK instead of project, and causing crash:

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

ndkVersion ‘21.3.6528147’

Even I remove lib/**/ from that library as well as pickFirst and recompile doesn’t help, crash still happens, the only thing make it different between works and crash is minifyEnabled and shrinkResources set to false or true.
Please help !!!

Hi @clouddx, thanks for using our SDK.

Since this crash is only happening with your release APK, this is likely an issue with ProGuard. You will need to add the following rules to your ProGuard config:

-keep class  us.zoom.**{*;}
-keep class  com.zipow.**{*;}
-keep class  us.zipow.**{*;}
-keep class  org.webrtc.**{*;}
-keep class**{*;}
-keep class**{*;}
-keep class**{*;}


Thank you so much! It works!

You are very welcome, glad we were able to get that resolved!

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