Androidx libray

My android project is so big and my project support v4 libraries but zoom sdk support androidx library so i am facing some problem to impot the classes like “DialogFragment”

so please help us…

Hi @cerebry,

Thanks for the post. The Android SDK does support AndroidX(requires AndroidX). Are you trying to use Android SDK in a non-AndroidX project?

yes i am using what i have to do

Thanks for the reply. Our Android SDK only supports AndroidX projects so using the AndroidX libraries in non-AndroidX project is out of the scope that we could support.


your sdk size is too big after creating a build version i mean around 95 mb ,it’s to big ,so what i have to do…

Hi @cerebry,

As Carson mentioned, a project using the support libraries is not something we support. Since the support libraries are no longer maintained, you should migrate your project to AndroidX.