Android SDK Gradle deprecated dependencies conflict

Android Zoom Sdk, mobilertc project v5.16.0+ contains dependency:


(with the latest rellease at 25.03.2018, and lat upsate 30.12.2020) that contains dependency tree:

|         \---
|              \---

According to Android docimentation Paket-Paket Support Library  |  Developer Android  |  Android Developers all support packages are deprecated and should be migrated to androidx
Old support libraries are not compatible with androidx librarties.

mobilertc project v5.15.+ does not contain that dependency.

Would you consider removing or updating that dependency?

Any app build with mobilertc project v5.16.0+ can’t pass the lint check.
Build warning example:

WARNING: Your project has set `android.useAndroidX=true`, but configuration `:app:debugRuntimeClasspath` still contains legacy support libraries, which may cause runtime issues.
This behavior will not be allowed in Android Gradle plugin 8.0.
Please use only AndroidX dependencies or set `android.enableJetifier=true` in the `` file to migrate your project to AndroidX (see for more info).
The following legacy support libraries are detected:
:app:debugRuntimeClasspath -> project :mobilertc -> com.davemorrissey.labs:subsampling-scale-image-view:3.10.0 ->
:app:debugRuntimeClasspath -> project :mobilertc -> com.davemorrissey.labs:subsampling-scale-image-view:3.10.0 ->

Any update on this thread? Facing the same issue.

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