Response field name changes in 4/1 new API release

I’m running a project that depends on the Zoom API especially the call for the cloud recordings of a given meeting. On Saturday morning, April 1, when the release happened, our project started throwing errors because we use the meeting id field which was previously under the key “meeting_number” and is now “id.”

Although this was a simple fix to make, I just want to give the feedback that we are using this API and changes like that without notice can actually break our project. It would be nice to be able to know if a change like that is happening in advance or to have some way to access a version of the API that is stable.

Hi Natalie, we are very careful not to break existing APIs but this seems to be a regression that got introduced. We will investigate. 


Wei @ Zoom

Hi Natalie

We have checked the API, and there are not any changes in April 1 release, so I think it’s the other problem about it, can you please provide more detail of your using? then we can confirm it is a regression or not

Another point to note, we will remove the “meeting_id” filed in “recording_files” in Cloud Recording API response, because it is redundant, and we can find it in “meetings” properties or root fields.Refer to and  We will notify when changes occur

Hi Natalie

I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding of the issue.

We fix a bug in the latest release and resulting in the changes of meeting id field, under normal we will send an email notification,

but in this bug fix, we had ignored the field will change. We will increase our attention to this issue.

Very sorry for this


Dean Si


Here is the format of the API response I was getting before April 1. Starting the morning of April 1 it looks like “meeting_number” changed to “id”. It looks like the bug fix was the fact that there was a discrepancy between the API documentation and the actual API response?


{"uuid": "", 
"meeting\_number": , 
"account\_id": "", 
"host\_id": "", 
"topic": "Personal Meeting Room", 
"start\_time": "2018-03-21T15:29:56Z", 
"timezone": "America/New\_York", 
"duration": 123, 
"total\_size": 123, 
"recording\_count": 3, 
"recording\_files": [
{ "id": "", 
"meeting\_id": "", 
"recording\_start": "2018-03-21T15:29:59Z", 
"recording\_end": "2018-03-21T16:30:01Z", 
"file\_type": "MP4", 
"file\_size": 119679333, 
"play\_url": "", 
"download\_url": "", 
"status": "completed" }]}