Announcement: Zoom Release Nov 4th

Highlights from


  • Updated APIs to support Tiered Settings
    The following APIs have been updated to support the changes needed for Tiered Settings:

    • v1/user/create
    • v1/user/autocreate2
    • v1/user/autocreate
    • v1/user/ssocreate
    • v1/user/custcreate
    • v1/user/get
    • v1/user/getbyemail
    • v1/user/update
    • v1/meeting/create
    • v1/meeting/update
    • v1/meeting/get
    • v1/meeting/list
    • v1/meeting/live
    • v1/webinar/get
    • v1/webinar/create
    • v1/webinar/update
    • v1/webinar/list
    • v1/webinar/list/registration
  • Updated API endpoint responses
    The following v1/ma/account/list endpoint responses includes more details:

    • Account Name - account_name
    • Account Type - account_type
    • Subscription Start - subscription_start_time
    • Subscription End - subscription_end_time

API features

  • Zoom API Version 2
    Zoom API V2 is available beginning November 4, 2017. Documentation is available at

  • Zoom API Version 1

    • VERSION 1 SUNSET NOTICE : With the release of Zoom API Version 2, Version 1 will enter sunset mode and will no longer be supported after November 1st, 2018. Zoom will continue to support Version 1 with bug fixes and patches, however no new features will be added.

    • New APIs to create and update webinars
      The following new APIs have been added to match the features available from the Zoom web interface:

      • Close registration after event date - option_close_registration
      • Allow attendees to join from multiple devices - option_allow_multiple_devices
      • Show social share buttons on registration page - option_show_share_button

Hi Joshua,

Is there a way to view V1 documents? There are some issues with our use case (can’t assign one of the participants as a host anymore), but when I tried to look into the documents, I keep being redirected to the developer community page. As it seems the docs on Github are for V2, I’m not sure where I can find them. Any help would be appreciated - thanks!


The direct url for version 1 is

There are also some links in the v2 docs. Not sure what you’re clicking on or flow that directs you to community.