Need information over webinar creation api

Hello Support Team,

I am integrating zoom with LMS and I need some information on below points over API - webinarcreate.

  1. How to get time zone list using api
  2. How to set Manage Attendees size and approval type in api “webinarcreate”

Could you please share sample code .


Hi @shrihari.kale, here’s a link to our documentation on creating a webinar:

You’ll find a sample POST request on that page, but let us know if you need additional clarification on it.

Through this endpoint, you’ll be able to set the timezone and start_time. Here’s a link to our timezone reference:

To manage attendance, you can use approval_type and registration_type to set registration settings.

Again - let us know if you have any further questions!

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your response!

I have checked API as per your suggestion but did not found how I have to add manage attendees (no. of attendees) in POST data and also there is no API to get time zones.

Could you please share sample code on below points that will helpful for me.

  1. JSON data format to post for manage attendees
  2. API method to get timezone.

You can use the “Retrieve Webinar” endpoint to retrieve the Webinar’s current settings and with that you will also get the Timezone.

Please see the Add a webinar Registrant endpoint. It has schemas and JSON examples for how to add a participant:

You can also manage the participants using the following: