Answer invitations to instant meetings and chat in web version

This is feature request to add missing functionality in web version:

  1. Answer invitations to instant meetings.
  2. Invite people from Zoom Contacts to meeting.
  3. Chatting to people from Zoom Contacts.


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I want to use Zoom on Linux with Arm devices like Raspberry Pi, Pine64 boards, Banana Pi, Odroid boards, Asus Tinker boards and other. Raspberry Pi sells are growing, but it’s only Raspberry Pi and there is a lot of other boards.

Native Arm Linux client already asked here, but I understand, that even basic support for new architecture, some distros and etc,. will take a lot of resources.

So main idea add support some additional features, that already works in desktop client, to the web client. As we can see, other companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook has web client with support for video calls and chatting, that has some requirements:

Zoom has web client too, but you can’t just open it and wait for call or message. You need to use addition messenger to join existing meeting or add people from your Zoom Contacts.

Describe the solution you’d like
I think best way is just add missing functionality to the web version.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

  1. I was trying to use existing web version, but I missing calls and messages(
  2. I was trying to use Zoom Chrome App, but looks like it use NaCl (Google Native Client) and it’s not working on my system. I can’t login - error message “Login time out.”
  3. I was trying to use x86 emulators with x86 Linux version - it was very laggy and have problems with my mic.

For testing hardware on video calls:

  1. I was trying to use web version of Skype, but it support only official Google Chrome (not Chromium) and Google Chrome does not have Arm Linux version.
  2. Google Meet works fine in Chromium - I tested video call with sound.

Additional context
Google will drop support of Native Client in june 2022. So improved web version can replace current Chrome App and you will have good solution for Chrome OS users.

Any news about this feature?