Create a zoom meeting on the website via the end user

Hello, I want users on my website to create and track meetings using their zoom accounts. how should I follow. should I create a server to server app or should I create a normal app.

When I create a server to server app, I can only make transactions with the account id, client id and secret there. I cannot make transactions on behalf of other zoom users.

As an example scenario, each end user on my website should use their own zoom account? How should I integrate for this?

Thank you for your support.

Hi @aiibileme
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
What you are seeing with the Server to SErver app is expected behavior, you can only make API calls for your account.
If you want to create meetings and make API calls on behalf of 3rd party users, you would need to use an Oauth app (user level)

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