Any plans on adding support for modern features in Zoom Web that are already offered by other Video chat apps

Zoom on Web:
It seems like Zoom is lagging way behind in the area of video conferencing in terms of innovation and availability of features that have already been implemented by other Video chat apps. The development is soo slow especially on the Web side that people are already giving up on Zoom and opting for other better solutions. Just wanted to know that whether there is any realistic plan to catch up?

  1. HD & Full-HD Video conferencing has already been offered by a number of other Video chat apps that have surfaced after Zoom. It’s surprising to see that they have been able to implement this already and Zoom is still struggling with providing even a realistic timeframe for the support of this feature. One of the well known examples is Jitsi and Ringcentral that are already offering this feature.

  2. Some of key features of the modern workplace that are actually Anti-Zoom but quite powerful and seems like the fututre of workspaces by the Venture Around
    a) AI camera framing, b) Silence disruptions with AI auto‑mute, c) Everyone on their own device. All mics on, no echo. d) Transfer your call with just a click from PC to smartphone.