Minimum 720p Video Support for Zoom Web SDK

Already inquired about this long ago pending feature in this earlier post here. It is turning out to be really frustrating to see that this feature has been requested so many times and it was estimated to release in Q4 of 2020 and now we are almost in Q4 2021 and there is still no update.

You guys keep telling us that you are working on it and that it’s a high priority but it seems the exact opposite of this. The development for the Web SDK has been extremely slow. If you are not serious about providing the least minimum Video/Audio quality experience then please don’t commit that we are working on it and its a high priority for us rather tell us that we will take 2-3 more years to provide you with these utmost basic features so that we are not misguided about your so-called timelines.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Hey @elearningevolve ,

Our sincerest apologies for the long wait for 720p support on the Web Meeting SDK. It is a complex feature that involves a lot of different pieces to get right.

I am happy to share that we are very close to releasing this, I have even tested it myself. :slight_smile:

We will share the release version with you and a more specific timeline soon.


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