Any plans on implementing screen share annotate in Web SDK?

We use the screen share annotate feature now and want to continue using it.
Found the info that it’s not available in web sdk.

Any plans on implementing it?


Welcome to the Developer Forum! Can you share if you are using component view or client view? In the meantime, currently, the annotate feature is not supported for the Web SDK. You can find a full list of supported features here: Zoom Meeting Web SDK

To that end, we get this request often so I will follow up with our engineers to see if there are any plans on the roadmap to implement it.


Glad to be here!

Please update me when you get the info about the feature.
Is there a difference in which view we use if you don’t support it in Web SDK?

I know that you don’t support it and I googled all the previous answers and saw the list. If you did support it, I wouldn’t have asked about the plans to implement it.


Our engineer got back to me and shared there are plans to support the annotate feature on the road map but no timeline is set. To stay up to date, please follow our change log: Changelog

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