Any plans to cleanup the SDK?


Are you going to update your SDK?

Which version?


Are there any plans to update your iOS SDK? I understand that until only recently, you had to write libraries in objc, but some of the objc code in your tutorials is insanely out of date. (I just saw a couple of references to autorelease!!)

Some swift code samples would be appreciated.

Also, when do you plan to support Xcode 11? I didn’t think there would be issues with Xcode 11 since it’s been out for so long, but it seems that your SDK crashes if there is no window var in AppDelegate. I’m not sure why you need the window, it would be so much nicer if you just provided a view for developers to place instead of messing with windows and the rootViewController.

Also, your API doesn’t support SwiftUI, since i’m seeing crashes with the exception:

'UIAlertView is deprecated and unavailable for UIScene based applications, please use UIAlertController!'

There’s also a ton of hilariously poor method names and just general confusion that make me wonder about the overall quality of your product and service.

For example:
MobileRTCMeetingStartParam4LoginlUser (RU4REAL?)
login(withEmail:"", password: "", remeberMe: true) (Remeber me, pweese?)
MobileRTCAuthError_Success - (A successful error, the best kind!)
etc etc

Is a swift rewrite being planned?

Hi jmoore,

Thanks for using the Zoom SDK and thanks for the suggestions. Even if our SDK is written in Objective-C, but it works in Swift projects because the Swift provides interoperability. We have a lot of users who are using our iOS SDK in Swift projects without any issues.

SwiftUI is different from Swift, it is introduced in Xcode 11 and it contains a lot of work in order to support it. We are working on the Xcode 11 support so Xcode 11 and Swift UI are not supported yet.

Please follow our Github repo for any updates: