Need Zoom SDK iOS with Swift

Could you provide Zoom SDK for iOS with Swift supported ?

Hi saroroo123,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. We are not supporting Swift samples at the moment. I will forward your request to our engineers. In the meantime, as Swift provides interoperability to Objective-C, our iOS doc could be helpful for your development:

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Hi Carson
Thanks. I will check it on the Objective C doc guide. If I can convert this to swift then it would be great for me.


Thanks for the prompt reply. There is a tool called Swiftify ( could be helpful for you.


Hi Carson,
Thanks for the Tool. I will check it up :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. The error code that you are getting means: Invalid arguments. ( Please double check your SDK keys & secrets, or the parameters that you are passing to the start meeting method.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks. I have fixed that issue but currently I am getting some other issue. When I was trying to start a meeting I got this screen instead of going to meeting screen

my Code was,

please check and let me know


Thanks for the reply and the detail. I see your question in another post, please refer to this post for further info: Wrong Window displaying


You can implement like this : Zoom SDK Implementation in IOS Using Swift