Any Success with Live Streaming?

Does anyone have success with using the mobile video SDK and the sample app to live stream? On ios we are getting error code 2004 and android we get canStartLiveStream = 0 (which means success) but in our log these are the two items logged for onLiveStreamStatusChanged:

D/onLiveStreamStatusChanged: ZoomInstantSDKLiveStreamStatus_Connecting
D/onLiveStreamStatusChanged: ZoomInstantSDKLiveStreamStatus_Ended

I saw in another thread the live streaming had some issues on zoom’s back-end side. Have these been resolved does anyone have any success live streaming their zoom session using the video sdk sample app?

Hey @CodyDigital,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

I replied in your other thread. Hopefully, we can track down the root cause of this issue.


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