Any Swift example or proper documentation on how to render video frames in swift for Video SDK?

There is no clear documentation on how to render a users and remote users video for Swift language. can i get any example for this?

Which iOS Video SDK version?
Video SDK 1.1.2

Hi @nagamuni, thanks for using our SDK.

Apologies if it isn’t clear, but our Video SDK documentation does contain Swift code snippets. Above each code snippet, there is a toggle button that allows you to view either Objective-C or Swift. Instructions on how to render user video can be found here.


I have gone through that documentation before also Jon. I didn’t find that helpful.
I just need to know how exactly zoom SDK gets video frames of local user to show it in the app.

I wanted to create my own UI for video conferencing. So in order to show the canvas, which accepts view but as the default view lacks ZoomVideoSDKUser and ZoomVideoSDKVideoType variables inside, I couldn’t figure out what i need to give for the Canvas.

canvas.subscribe(with: rendererView, andAspectMode: videoAspect)

Can you help me out with this please?

thank you.

Hi @nagamuni,

It looks like there is some outdated information in our documentation regarding the video type. I’ll work with our documentation team to get that removed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Since the ZoomVideoSDKVideoCanvas is retrieved from an instance of ZoomVideoSDKUser, there is no need to indicate to which user’s video you would like to subscribe. You only need to provide a UIView on which you want the video to be rendered and a ZoomVideoSDKVideoAspect value. If you aren’t sure which aspect mode is right for you, that same page of our documentation does a pretty good job of differentiating between them.

Let me know if anything else is unclear and I’ll be happy to help.


Thank you Jon! Will try to implement that.


Documentation is upto date only. Only the example project that comes with the Video SDK is outdated and it come only in objective C. It will be helpful if you can do something about that,


Hi @nagamuni,

Just to confirm, you’re saying you’d like a Swift version of the existing SDK sample app, right? We do have plans to release that at some point, but the timeline is a little iffy at the moment. If there are any specific pieces of the existing sample app’s implementation that are difficult to understand in objc, I can provide a Swift translation for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


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