How I can get user video before connect session

Hi, there. I’m trying to get a video from the user’s camera before he joined the session. To do this, I am trying to:

guard let userVideoCanvas = ZoomVideoSDK().getSession()?.getMySelf()?.getVideoCanvas() else { return }
let videoAspect = ZoomVideoSDKVideoAspect.panAndScan
userVideoCanvas.subscribe(with: previewVideoView, andAspectMode: videoAspect)

But I can’t do anything until I get into the session.
Is there a way to get the user’s video before connecting to the session?

Which iOS Video SDK version?

  • Version: 1.3.2

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • OS: iOS 14

Additional context
As far as I understand on android, it is possible to get the user video before connecting to session.

What I did is to create a custom AVCaptureVideoDataOutputSampleBufferDelegate and use that.
It’s a lot of work and would be really nice to have support to :point_up:.
Other video SDKs support that.

Thanks for the answer. I was hoping that zoom has implemented such functionality and I will be able to avoid a custom solution)

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@emilrakh I totally agree - I would also prefer to avoid having a custom implementation just because of this very simple feature.

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@emilrakh @rokgregoric
We have add those interfaces in version 1.3.1 already.

New interfaces in ZoomVideoSDKVideoHelper.h

- (ZoomVideoSDKError)startVideoPreview:(id<ZoomVideoSDKRawDataPipeDelegate>_Nullable)delegate;
- (ZoomVideoSDKError)stopVideoPreview:(id<ZoomVideoSDKRawDataPipeDelegate> _Nullable)delegate;
- (ZoomVideoSDKError)startVideoCanvasPreview:(UIView * _Nullable)view;
- (ZoomVideoSDKError)stopVideoCanvasPreview:(UIView * _Nullable)view;

Please enjoy it :slight_smile:

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@jackie.chen nice - I tried it and it works, BUT it’s missing the VideoAspect options … I use PanAndScan so my video jumps from seeing black lines → fully expanded images after connecting :frowning:

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