Local Video Preview not working in Video SDK iOS Swift

Local Video preview is not working in ZOOM Video SDK in swift. Getting black screen instead of local video.

following code is used to create local video. Session has no issues. Participants can see each other.

let sessionContext = ZoomVideoSDKSessionContext()
let zoomVideoSDKAudioOptions = ZoomVideoSDKAudioOptions()
zoomVideoSDKAudioOptions.connect = true
zoomVideoSDKAudioOptions.mute = false
let zoomVideoSDKVideoOptions = ZoomVideoSDKVideoOptions()
zoomVideoSDKVideoOptions.localVideoOn = true
sessionContext.token = consultationModel?.patientToken ?? “”
sessionContext.sessionName = consultationModel?.sessionId ?? “”
sessionContext.userName = “Test User”
sessionContext.audioOption = zoomVideoSDKAudioOptions
sessionContext.videoOption = zoomVideoSDKVideoOptions
if let videoHelper = ZoomVideoSDK.shareInstance()?.getVideoHelper() {
videoHelper.startVideoCanvasPreview(publisherView, andAspectMode: .panAndScan)
if let audioHelper = ZoomVideoSDK.shareInstance()?.getAudioHelper() {
if let session = ZoomVideoSDK.shareInstance()?.joinSession(sessionContext) {

  • Device: iPhone 7
  • OS: iOS 15

Hi @gireesh.ks , thank you for reaching out. May I check which version of VSDK for iOS you are currently on?

1.7.5 and downloaded from zoom app marketplace

Hi @gireesh.ks,

Thank you for your time and we managed to clarify the issue that you encountered. We will mark this as closed for now. If there’s any new issues, please open a new topic.

Thank you.