Any way to control the "Participant Can Chat With" setting?


I’ve written a Windows app that interfaces with the Zoom client.
At certain times, I’d like to automatically set the “Participant Can Chat With” setting in the chat window (toggling between Everyone/Host Only).

I can’t seem to find anything in the current SDK to control this. Currently I’m using a messy system of finding then activating the window and sending fake keyboard inputs to manipulate the UI, but that’s all a bit fragile.
Is there a way to control this that I’m just not able to find?
Or might it be “coming soon”?

I’m using v4.6.21666.042

Hi peeveen,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. What you are mentioning might not fully exist at the moment, but you may use the following interface to send a chat to others and control the chat privilege:

IMeetingChatController.SendChatTo(unsigned int receiver, wchar_t* content)

When receiver == 0, it means “send to everyone”; When receiver == userId, it means “send to specific user”; So you may leverage this to control the chat privileges.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,
Yes, I knew about that method, but it doesn’t help control messages from other users in the same way that the UI control does.
Thanks anyway. I’ll keep an eye open for some way to control this in future versions of the SDK.

Hi @peeveen,

Understand. I will send a feature request to the engineering team for this. Please follow our Github repo: to receive any updates.