Any way to determine if a meeting was recorded prior to recording_completed webhook?


We want to be able to determine if any cloud recordings of the meeting were initiated AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Right now, it can be many minutes between the time a meeting ends, and a recording_completed webhook is fired. During that interval we have no way to determine if any recordings were done in order to show our users a meaningful UI state. If there are no recordings, we just want to display that, if there are recordings and they are being processed, we want to show a spinner or something so they know something is happening. Currently I cannot find any way to get recording info about a meeting until after that webhook is fired. There should be some sort of flag on the meeting object saying whether any cloud recordings were initiated or not. This way when we receive a meeting_ended webhook, we could query the meeting and see if we should expect recordings at some point.


Hi Alex, 

Currently, we do not have a way to show the status of a recording while its being process via Webhook. However, this sounds like a very good use case and I’ll let our Engineers know about this to see if we can include this feature in upcoming release.