API for a cloud recording status


I am using API to retrieve all the recordings of a meeting:


In between the time when meeting is over and the cloud recording is processed, is there a way to get relevant response ? as of now, during that time I get response of there is no recording for this meeting

     “code”: 3301,
     “message”: “There is no recording for this meeting”

with this response, it’s hard to write proper response management code


We’ve dealt with the same issue.

The best strategy until the API changes so that a more helpful response is given is just to store the data from the webhook notification somewhere and then wait at least 10 minutes before retrieving the file.


Have you considered using our notification framework ? you can essentially enable an event notification for recording completion and get your webhook triggered … that’s our recommended option. 


So, maybe the original poster is not using the webhook notifications but I am and I have found through practice the recordings are often not ready to download when the recording completed notification is sent. I was able to avoid these errors by setting up my project so that it stores the information received from the recording completed notification and waits at least 5-10 minutes before making the call to download the recordings.


we will investigate this - when your app gets the notification from us with the download URL, the files should be available for download immediately.   We will ask our team to do some testing and see if we can reproduce this. Let’s nail this down so that you don’t have to add workarounds on your side.