Aouth type aothorization

Hi Everyone
I use OAuth solution.
The first step Authorization Endpoint
I generated link{sessionKey}&client_id=nWuvKfvLQ42J6Ya8lYugXw&

If copy this link in browser and I am not logged in Zoom I will be redirect to
https: //{sessionKey}

I have to logged in zoom and after that i will be redirect to https://{sessionKey}

It is OKEY and clear.

But If I use this link
https: //{sessionKey}&client_id=nWuvKfvLQ42J6Ya8lYugXw&
in IFrame html element of my site I will be redirect to This link does not have url parameters. And it happens only if I use link in IFrame. I can log in zoom but there will not be redirection to callback url.

Why this link does not work in IFrame ?

We do not support the use of OAuth in IFrames. This is recommended by the OAuth 2 spec for security.