API Call Report

Is there a way to get a report of the number of API calls and the Rate Limit Label of those calls over time?


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Checkout this related thread that may have the answer you are looking for:

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This does not have the answer I seek.

Hey @mcrobin2,

You can see logs of the API endpoints your app calls here:




Thanks for the info, it is more limited that what I need though and it doesn’t show which category the API falls into with respect to limits. I am an admin trying to prepare for a new application that may test the limits of API rate allowances. I would like to see where we are and what capacity we have left before implementing the new reporting functions.

Hey @mcrobin2,

Thanks for the additional details—definitely understand where you’re coming from. This kind of reporting capability is something we are working towards, but don’t have implemented quite yet.

That said, other developers in our community have had luck by implementing some kind of monitoring service on their end (e.g., Sentry, Jenkins, etc.) and compiling their own reports internally. This might be your best bet in the meantime.

Don’t hesitate to post in our #feature-requests thread, either.


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