Differences Between Reports from UI and Reports from API

Hi there,

I’m trying to understand the difference between a report pulled from the Zoom UI and a similar report pulled from the Zoom API.

I am attempting to programmatically obtain and process a cumulative Zoom Phone call duration for all users within my account over some given time period (max 1 month of course). This report can be obtained from the Zoom UI as follows:

zoom.us > My Account > Account Management > Reports > Phone System > By Users

I haven’t been able obtain the exact same report from the Zoom API, so I have instead obtained the call logs for my account by calling the following API endpoint with a GET request:


Despite providing the same time period for both the UI report and the API call, the combined call durations for each user’s calls in the API report are different to the figures obtained in the UI report. From my understanding, these reports should be coming to the same values.

The values aren’t wildly different, for example a user’s call duration obtained from the API report might be 29 hours 40 minutes, while the same users total in the UI report might be 30 hours 10 minutes. So I believe I’m on the right track but there is certainly a discrepancy for most users. User’s with lower call times have matching durations in both reports, so it seems like there are some call types that aren’t being included in the API report.

Essentially, what I’m wondering is whether these two reports are in fact calculating the same value (which would indicate an issue in my adding of call log durations - testing suggests this isn’t the case), or if there are some calls that have their call time excluded from the API report. I couldn’t find any documentation regarding how the UI report obtains its values, or any way to drill down into the data provided, so was wondering if anyone here could share some insight.

Thanks very much!

Some further testing has determined that the calls in the call log API report that are owned by ‘autoReceptionist’ make up the difference in total call duration between the two reports. So the duration of calls owned by the auto receptionist is being distributed across the user’s duration totals when the UI report is pulled. This is interesting, but I can’t find anything in the API report that links a call owned by the auto receptionist to a particular user.

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