API enhancement to add consolidated QoS metrics


This is to request an enhance an existing API . enhancement is to return consolidated QoS metrics for meeting participants like it’s available when admin manually downloads the completed meetings QoS data. Below is the API i am referring to



while i am happy that Zoom is providing metrics for each participant every min in API response. In addition to that, it would be nice if API can also provide a consolidated QoS metrics for each participant in a meeting. Please note that, when i manually download the QoS metrics data of complete meeting, i see a consolidated QoS metric values and not per min values. I am attaching manually downloaded Qos Metrics data for reference (this contains the consolidated QoS metrics for each user and not per min values). I expect similar data available using API as well.

Hence, i request to enhance the API so that consolidated QoS metrics are available in API response like it’s available when QoS metrics are manually downloaded


Hi @Dilip_Reddy_Guda,

Thanks for the request, we’ll reach out to the Engineers about this enhancement and see where we can fit this on our roadmap.




Thanks for the response. I would await for the updates from your engineering team on this. we believe this enhancement will help a great deal to whoever want to fetch the call metrics.