Receiving recording.completed event, but recording is still processing

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

For some of our user’s meetings, we get the the recording.completed event, but the recording is not available yet (when we navigate to the meeting URL it says the meeting is still processing). This happens for some meetings, but not all. We need to download the recording files and perform processing, and rely on the recording.completed to know that the recording files are ready. Is there another event we should be listening to? What would be the best way to troubleshoot this?


How To Reproduce
(see description above) Try to download the user’s cloud recordings soon after the recording.completed event, and it says the meeting is still processing.

Hi @dom_cquence
The recording.completed event should ideally indicate that the recording has been processed and is ready for download, however in some cases this could misfire. The error code in this case is 3301. You can consider implementing a delay if you receive that error code and trying again.

Thanks for the response. Where would I see that error code? I don’t see anything in the schema
Also, do you know often it misfires? It seems to happen a lot for some of our users.

@dom_cquence the error code should be in the API response

Sorry, I’m not sure I’m following. Are you referring to the response from calling /zoom-api/methods/#operation/recordingsList ? This returns a 200 status code, and I don’t see an error code in that schema

@dom_cquence I was referring for this API: Zoom Meeting API

You will only see the error if the recording does not exist or is being processed. If you are calling the list recordings API (the one that you mentioned) there are two possible scenarios that could occur if the recording hasnt been processed:
a. You wont see the recording details in the API response
b. You will get the recording, but when you click on the link it will say it is processing.

I figured it out. We have a separate process to fetch recordings that caused this issue, it wasn’t based on the webhook. The process was trying to fetch recordings that had not completed processing yet. This was working as expected in the past, so it’s possible that the behavior for the Zoom recordings endpoint changed at some point. Thank you for your help in troubleshooting.