Api for capturing speakers yellow borders

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My name is Amir and I am working at the Open University of Israel.

As head of learning analytics at the Open University of Israel, we are looking to enhance our offerings to our faculty.

More specifically, we are interested in the following meta-data functions:

  1. Per live session, the number of students who open their webcams and microphones in two forms.

a. Total number of participants with open webcams and/or microphones per session.

b. Open webcams and/or microphones on a timeline throughout a session (distribution over timeline).

  1. Tracking the yellow square indicating speaker.

a. Number of times the yellow square moves per session.

b. Duration times on any one speaker (distribution and/or averages).

We believe that these functionalities can serve us in the assessment models of our courses, but also to contribute to research in our field, EFL. I know that many institutions in Israel would be interested in this functionality.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to present our needs and discuss viable options in a live ZOOM meeting.

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Hi @amirwi ,

Sorry this does not exist at this time and has been submitted as a feature request, but here’s one way a developer has tried to achieve a similar goal: How to hook 'camera on' event (or other ways to track camera-on time) - #5 by nickax

Thank you