Get log times of the active speakers

Is there a way to retrieve information about who was the active speaker in each moment?

Example, for a 30 minute meeting:

  • Maria: 00:00 to 05:10s
  • John: 05:21s to 10:39s
  • Kyle: 10:40s to 21:53s
  • John: 21:54s to 30:00s

Additional context
This is mainly to automatically split the recording video into multiple videos to send to each participant and to do some statistics.

Hi @Diogo,

Thanks for reaching out about this. While we don’t have an API endpoint for querying this data directly, it can be retrieved after a meeting has concluded if you use Cloud Recording.

You can use our Cloud Recording APIs and Webhooks to get audio data and a timeline file which shows who was speaking when. :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps!

Hi @will.zoom,

Thanks for your reply. Unfourtanetly it didn’t work and I assume is most likely that the timeline feature is only for Business and higher plans. I have the Pro version.

I did exactly as described in the link you sent me. Can you confirm me that the timeline file is not available on the Pro version?

Hi @Diogo,

That is correct, you will need a Business or higher license for this functionality.


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