API GET Devices List Bug

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

GET /devices

More specifically:

GET /devices?device_status=1&page_size=300

Our team is currently using the Meeting API to get a Device List for a Zoom Account using the above endpoint for testing getting the online devices. We are using Server-to-Server OAuth for getting an access token and have all the necessary scopes in order to successfully call the /devices endpoint.

There are a couple of errors that we’ve noticed when using the API endpoint.

  • Total Records Inaccurate: When looking at total_records via the API call for online devices we get a number of 606 however when looking at the Device Management > Device List view in the Admin dashboard for the same account we see a total of 622 online devices. The disparity is even greater when looking at offline devices (847 vs 1191)

  • Page Size Inaccurate: When looking at the entities array we get back, in this instance the devices field, the length of the array doesn’t match the page_size count. For instance, in the first page in our example of getting 606 total online devices and a page count of 3, we only get a length of 34 devices. When using the next page token to get the second page we recieved 260 online devices in the devices field. For the last page we received 5 online devices. When you add up the totals that comes out to 299 total online devices which we have information for, a very big disparity of 307 devices which we don’t see at all in the devices field.

  • No Way To Get All Devices: Currently there is not an easy way to get all the devices in the Zoom account using the /devices endpoint. We have to first get all online devices, then all offline devices, then finally all unlinked devices and concatenate those all together to get the list of total devices in the Zoom account.

I would appreciate any guidance on how to open up a bug ticket for issues mentioned as to why the records don’t match up at all with what we are expecting and why the records change as well when changing the page_size but yet don’t match up with total records.

Hi @sreskala
Thanks for reaching out to us and for sharing all this detailed information.
I am happy to follow up with you via Private message so I can look into this issue further and file a bug ticket on your behalf.
Please follow up in the private message whenever you have a chance.

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