API Keys returns Zoom meetings/hosts from a different account in eLearning Evolve app

We have an issue with connecting our Zoom API Keys to the eLearning Evolve app.

It seems that when we are connecting the API Keys of our account, it returns/shows the meetings and hosts from another account in our company. We have an Enterprise Active Host and Zoom Webinars plan.

Below are some screenshots to show what we’re seeing.

  • After connecting our API Keys correctly exactly according to the manual (find manual here), we keep getting the following error: Screenshot by Lightshot
  • However, when we check the Zoom Meetings overview in the Wordpress backend, we see meetings that are not ours, but are probably from our corporate admin’s account.

We’ve also checked with the support team from eLearning Evolve and they’ve checked their code and said this is not a problem on their end.

Hope someone recognises this problem and can help us out.

Thanks in advance!