API marketplace/apps/:appId/requests

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I can get app’s requests for a few apps in our instance.

I’m seeing if I can get (approved, pending, rejected) requests for a particular app:

App Marketplace (LibCal)

I can list the app, e.g., /marketplace/apps/:appId

    "app_name": "LibCal",
    "app_type": "OAuthApp",
    "app_status": "published",
    "app_description": "Zoom OAuth app for integration with LibCal",
    "app_links": {
        "documentationUrl": "https://libcal.com/ask/zoom/faq/2703",
        "privacyPolicyUrl": "https://libcal.com/ask/privacy",
        "supportUrl": "https://libcal.com/ask/libcal",
        "termsOfUseUrl": "https://libcal.com/ask/terms"

but if I try to get requests, I get the error below.


The full error message or issue you are running into, where applicable.

    "code": 1401,
    "message": "App does not exist: NZSucKA2RC6Fm3TMJHoSfA."

Hi @ian.goh
Thanks for reaching out to us !
I can replicate this issue on my end with all my non-published apps.
Just to confirm, you are making this API call for a published app? or is this an app that is undergoing the App review?

says it’s

It’s not our app.

Hi @cgoh1
So you are trying to get the requests of an app that is not yours?
I am not sure if this is possible.
Let me take a look into some internal docs

I’m trying to get (approved, pending, rejected) requests for apps (in general). I can get requests for some apps, but apparently not others.

Thanks @cgoh1
I am going to take a look into this issue.
My initial thoughts are that this should not be possible but I might be wrong. Thanks for bringing this up