API marketplace/apps/:appId/requests

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I can get app’s requests for a few apps in our instance.

I’m seeing if I can get (approved, pending, rejected) requests for a particular app:

App Marketplace (LibCal)

I can list the app, e.g., /marketplace/apps/:appId

    "app_name": "LibCal",
    "app_type": "OAuthApp",
    "app_status": "published",
    "app_description": "Zoom OAuth app for integration with LibCal",
    "app_links": {
        "documentationUrl": "https://libcal.com/ask/zoom/faq/2703",
        "privacyPolicyUrl": "https://libcal.com/ask/privacy",
        "supportUrl": "https://libcal.com/ask/libcal",
        "termsOfUseUrl": "https://libcal.com/ask/terms"

but if I try to get requests, I get the error below.


The full error message or issue you are running into, where applicable.

    "code": 1401,
    "message": "App does not exist: NZSucKA2RC6Fm3TMJHoSfA."

Hi @ian.goh
Thanks for reaching out to us !
I can replicate this issue on my end with all my non-published apps.
Just to confirm, you are making this API call for a published app? or is this an app that is undergoing the App review?

says it’s

It’s not our app.

Hi @cgoh1
So you are trying to get the requests of an app that is not yours?
I am not sure if this is possible.
Let me take a look into some internal docs

I’m trying to get (approved, pending, rejected) requests for apps (in general). I can get requests for some apps, but apparently not others.

Thanks @cgoh1
I am going to take a look into this issue.
My initial thoughts are that this should not be possible but I might be wrong. Thanks for bringing this up

Hi Elisa

Any update on this issue?

Hi @cgoh1
Thanks for your patience here.
I was doing some testing on my end and it looks like you should be able to query public apps using the Get/marketplace/apps endpoint.

Are you the owner of LibCal app? if you are not, it is expected that you are not able to see the app’s user requests and the status of their approval.

That seems unusual. We pre-approve all our apps, so we see the requests for all apps in the GUI. Problem is exporting the data out of the GUI is non-existent, so we’re trying the API.

I’ll check a few more examples since we don’t own any of these apps.

I just realized I can’t do the requests API if there are no requests.

For instance, say Quipper, if no one has requested it and I try to check requests I get

    "code": 1401,
    "message": "App does not exist: lDgSYSB9RhOoQSLzNJ8_5g."

but then once I get a request, I should get some data back

    "users": [
            "user_id": "O3-c2qCtTIu4oeff0exfng",
            "user_name": "Ian Goh",
            "user_email": "email-goes-here",
            "request_date_time": "2023-06-08T19:50:03Z",
            "reason": "test",
            "user_department": "",
            "status": "PENDING"
    "next_page_token": "",
    "page_size": 30

then after I approve or reject it, I should still be able to check via status: approved, rejected

LibCal – on the other hand, while it’s on our Apps on Accounts, there were no “requests” for it, so it doesn’t appear in App Requests.

So you can only use the /marketplace/apps/:appId/requests only if there are requests (active or past).

That was my problem. :slight_smile: