API Meetings property settings.custom_keys

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In the current API documentation for Meeting Get / Update (but not Create) there is, under settings a key value store property with the field name custom_keys. I am testing its use for storage of an idempotent token to prevent repeat updates.

In testing the Meeting Update API PATCH call accepts this value but Webhook meeting.update triggered does not include it as is documented (which it were). After update calls to GET meeting also do not include set key value pairs for custom_keys against documentation.

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JWT / Webhook

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Not sure, perhaps already mentioned above

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See above

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Additional context
I just saw these updates to the API & wanted to make use of them but there is scant documentation outside of the schema. Is the use of the custom_keys field controlled in some way outside of the API, are there any tests of its use that can be presented as proof?

BTW I would welcome guidance for idempotent update use to prevent repeat calls & potential API rate limiting?

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